NDIS Risk Assessments Masterclass

Michelle · October 8, 2021

You are purchasing a recording from the live session. Upon purchase you will have access to the recording, facilitator presentation slides and a certificate of attendance. Risk management should underscore every part of your organisation.

If an auditor walked into your organisation today, are you ready to actively show your commitment and documentation showing a “ZERO TOLERANCE” to safeguard Participants? 

Can you actively show your identification, assessment, and ongoing review of all risks within the organisation to Participants, Staff, and the Organisation?

Do you know how to cross reference your risk management of each Participant with the Staff that support them (from direct care to financial claiming) and then back to the risks of the Organisation and even outside Stakeholders? 

What training has been provided to your staff on what risks are? Do they know that if they are “short” or get angry with a Participant this is a risk to their psychological and emotional wellbeing and therefore creates a risk to the Participant – is this on your risk register? Oh, then it should be on your incident register. Is it there? What if someone has stumbled on a doorstep – is that on your incident register, do Staff know when / how to report and what gets done at an organisational level after? If not that’s a number of risks that need to be assessed. 

Have you actively addressed the Industrial Manslaughter requirements to make sure your Staff and Organisation are safe guarded?

We know all Participants don’t always disclose or comply with what we “think is needed”, or perhaps their funding just isn’t enough to allow for what you would consider quality and holistic care – how do you deal and record that? Doing it well can assist in either asking for a review or used at their next scheduled planning meeting to address these issues. 

How does your documentation show that the culture of your organisation is one of risk awareness and action? 

If you are having to think about any of the above or worse, it is not already in place in your organisation then this session is a must. Risk assessment should be the centre of all that you do. It will guide your procedures, training, culture and spans out to safeguard your Participants, Staff, and Organisation. New, long standing, small and large service providers need to truly master risk management.Stay safe and stay compliant – “Zero Tolerance” is a focus of all audits now and is simply an essential skill you need to know backward, forward and upside down. 

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