NDIS Care Staff Induction Series: Verification Module – Human Resource, Incident Management, Complaints & Risk

Michelle · October 8, 2021

For NDIS business owners, managers and disability staff in leadership roles that seek a deeper understanding of the NDIS verification business requirements. 

  • Instant access, available 24/7
  • 1 hour duration
  • Pre-recorded webinar 
  • Recorded July 2021
  • Part of the ‘NDIS Care Staff Induction Series’ – a collection of 6 separate on demand webinars (each session is $49) that aim to provide fundemental introductions to the core NDIS modules.

You are purchasing a recording from the live session. Upon purchase you will have access to the recording, facilitator presentation slides and a certificate of attendance. 

Every service provider should now know that care staff need to complete mandatory models under the NDIS operational guidelines. The question for you is “is this enough?” – As you also know there is an absolute responsibility to have a quality management system in place which is not just on paper but practically implemented which can be shown via evidence at audit. We don’t think any of you could say you haven’t had a Carer that has not quite turned out to be how they presented themselves at an interview. In the end it is an organisational responsibility to ensure adequate and quality service delivery which means Care Staff should be well informed and trained.

We have developed a course of 6 x 1 hour sessions so that your Care Staff are not only doing the basics but as they are starting their journey with you they are learning the “extra stuff” which can be the difference between an employee who does and knows the bare minimum to one advancing to a clearer “in action” understanding of the NDIS standards, Code of Conduct and Verification Modules which they actively get why it is important for them to complete and be involved in certain tasks and produces and the purpose of it all.

Each session will include:

  • Defining the standard and sub sections
  • Flow charts and / or examples of what the standard including how it looks within an organisation in the bigger picture
  • Where they fit in and how they can use this knowledge to assist
  • Clients to achieve outcomes as well as contribute to the continuous improvement process
  • Worksheets to assist Care Staff to reflect on their own practices which you can use with them to develop a plan for development and for staff reviews

Care staff attending these sessions can be part of you showing your commitment to quality management and delivery of services. This is essential to the development and growth of your organisation and will certainly be of assistance with any audit process.

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